Revolutionising Truck Booking
in the UAE with Shahn - Truck on Demand

April 06, 2023

The use of app-based truck booking platforms has become increasingly popular in the UAE, revolutionizing the way people book trucks. Tanseeq Investment Group's Shahn - Truck on Demand, launched in October 2022, has already received over 10,000+ downloads on the Google Play and Apple App stores, with over 95% positive app reviews. Here's how Shahn is pioneering digital transformation in the truck-based logistics industry.

Convenience and Efficiency

Shahn provides customers with a user-friendly interface that allows them to specify their exact pick-up and drop-off points, choose a truck that suits their needs, and instantly book their desired truck at any time, from any location. The app also provides real-time advanced tracking information about trucks from the moment they are booked, making it easier for customers to anticipate the arrival of their goods. With the use of advanced technology, Shahn can automate many of the manual processes involved in truck rental and leasing, such as vehicle allocation, payment processing, and customer communication. This helps to further reduce the operating costs of the business, thereby bringing down the costs to the customer.

Connecting Businesses with the Right Trucks

Shahn connects businesses with its expansive network of trucks, making it easy to find the perfect truck and driver for each unique business’s transportation needs. For example, businesses in the e-commerce industry can benefit from the platform's ability to efficiently handle inventory distribution and transportation, enabling same-day deliveries. On the other hand, companies in the building materials and steel industry can find specialized capacity-based trucks to transport medium to heavy, and oversized loads.

Benefits for SMBs

SMBs also stand to benefit from "Shahn - Truck on Demand" by only booking the trucks they need, when they need them. This can help save money and reduce their overall transportation costs. The platform's real-time tracking feature also gives SMBs greater visibility and control over their shipments, allowing them to make informed decisions and improve their customer service. Other industries, including food and beverage, event and exhibition, construction and demolition, pharmaceutical and medical, retail and wholesale, and businesses dealing with automobile parts, can also benefit from using the Shahn truck booking platform.

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Transparent Pricing and Pay-As-You-Go Model

Shahn offers a pay-as-you-go model, allowing users to book a truck with just a few taps, eliminating the need for truck drivers to wait for hours outside stores and other locations to find potential customers. With Shahn, users get access to transparent pricing and tracking, further enhancing safety and effectiveness for driver partners.


"Shahn - Truck on Demand" is bringing a digital revolution in the truck rental and leasing industry in the UAE, by bringing truck drivers and customers together on one platform. With its user-friendly interface, competitive pricing, and wide range of vehicles, "Shahn - Truck on Demand" is the go-to platform for businesses and individuals who need to transport goods from Dubai and Sharjah to anywhere within the UAE.

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