1. What is SHAHN app?

SHAHN is an app-based, on-line truck booking platform. This platform connects customers and truck drivers at a click of a button. SHAHN is a part of Tanseeq Investment Group that has 16 successful companies specializing in select disciplines.

Tanseeq Investment Group is recognized as one of the most pioneering and innovative market leaders in the GCC. SHAHN specializes in transportation and delivery of small cargo.

2. Why should I choose SHAHN over other similar service providers?
  • SHAHN leverages experience of over 12 years in logistics, maintenance, and support services derived from its group companies
  • SHAHN App is user friendly
  • SHAHN delivery partners are well trained
  • SHAHN provides helper assistance for all your moving requirements
  • Customers no longer need to negotiate with drivers, SHAHN got that covered for you
  • Transparent pricing
  • Live tracking of the status
  • Flexibility of multiple payment modes
  • For enterprise customers
    • No need of maintaining a fleet of trucks, Drivers, Helpers and dealing with them on regular basis
    • If hiring from external vendors, no need book trucks on daily, weekly and monthly basis. Just pay as per the distance run
    • Reports of your cargo movements at your fingertips. Ability to have customized reports at pre-determined intervals
3. How do I book a 1 ton, 3 ton, or tow truck from SHAHN?

Booking your truck requirement through SHAHN is easy. Just follow these steps:

  • Download SHAHN App;
  • Create your account and log-in;
  • Based on your requirement, select the truck from the available options shown on the app:
    • Pick-up (1 ton);
    • Mini Truck (3 ton); or
    • Tow truck
  • Provide pickup and delivery locations;
  • Provide details about the goods/materials for transport and confirm your booking
  • Confirm payment method.

SHAHN will then take care of the rest. But remember to keep your mobile handy for updates on your booking!

4. Does SHAHN provide services to and from all the different emirates?

At the moment, SHAHN offers delivery drop off to all emirates while pickup services are available within Dubai and Sharjah. It is our intention to provide pick up services from all seven (7) emirates in the near future. We will be sending you notifications through different channels as soon as these services become available.

5. Which truck should I book?

Your decision should be based on the weight and dimensions of the goods/materials you need to transport. You may refer to the table below to identify the truck that you need to book:

Note: The Customer must provide safe lifting equipment for any single piece material/equipment or any individually packed goods/materials weighing more than 50kgs.

6. What are the things/factors that a customer needs to check before making a booking?
  • the weight and dimensions of the goods/materials you want to transport (so you can decide which truck to book);
  • items requiring special care are packed appropriately (to avoid delay, damages, and/or accidents while loading/unloading/in transit);
  • availability of the person dispatching/receiving the good/materials for transport at pickup/drop off points.
  • Ensuring that the goods are packed and ready well before the pick up time to ensure minimal waiting time
7. What are the charges for a SHAHN truck delivery service and for Towing?

The rates for hiring a SHAHN truck are based on the distance travelled in kilometers, the type of truck booked, and the waiting time involved. Please note that the rates shown on the app at the time of booking are “indicative only” and are based on the route proposed through the app. Billable rates are based on the distance travelled as per the route taken and any toll and parking charges.

8. Can SHAHN trucks be used for house shifting and furniture moving?

Yes. SHAHN trucks are excellent alternative for your house shifting and furniture moving requirements. However, SHAHN does not provide packing services, hence, packing must be organized by the customer.

SHAHN is an on-demand truck booking platform that offers transportation of goods/materials. You can use SHAHN truck to transport any type of goods including home furniture and equipment. We will continue to update our website for any additional services available on offer.

9. Does SHAHN provide Helpers to assist in loading and unloading?

Yes, SHAHN trucks are provided with 1 helper.

10. Does SHAHN provide same day delivery or next day delivery?

All instant booking requests are allocated immediately to our partner drivers and are completed within the same day. Future (scheduled) bookings are completed depending on the customer’s requirement.

11. Does SHAHN cater to instant booking requests only? Can I place a booking in advance?

SHAHN offers “instant booking” services to cater to your immediate requirements.

SHAHN also allows its customer the flexibility of booking in early for future needs. Note however:

  • that SHAHN will hold your future booking requests for a maximum of seven (7) days only;
  • Cancellations for future bookings must be made within 24 hours prior to the required date. Cancellation charges may be applied in other cases.
12. Are there any charges after cancelling a booking request?

When you cancel a booking, the fees set out below will be charged to your card or wallet:

13. How long will it take for the truck to arrive once booked?

SHAHN automatically allocates the nearest available truck to your location. The Expected Time of Arrival (ETA) will depend on your distance from the nearest available truck and the road/traffic conditions in your area and would be displayed while booking the trip. However, this could vary depending on the actual traffic and road conditions that may change. Before making a booking, make sure that you are aware of your community/building rules with regards to movers’ pickup schedule restrictions to avoid cancellation penalties. (Gated communities and buildings usually have schedule restrictions for ingress/egress).

14. What are SHAHN’s payment facilities? How can a customer pay for the truck booking fee?

At the moment, SHAHN receives payment through Debit Card and SHAHN wallet facilities.

Additional payment options will be updated in our app as and when available.

15. Is SHAHN truck service rental facility available 24/7?

The SHAHN app can be used to book your requirements 24/7. However, the Job booking allocation will depend upon the vehicle availability at your requested time.

16. Do you provide fare estimate for booking requests?

SHAHN has a trip estimate calculator. It gives you an indicative rate considering the following:

  • The pickup and drop off locations that you have indicated;
  • The type of truck you booked;
  • The distance between pick up and drop off location per SHAHN’s proposed route (note that actual rate may vary depending on the actual route the driver/customer so decide to take other than what was propped by SHAHN)
17. Why and when will there be difference/s between Calculated fees and Actual fees SHAHN is billing its customer/s?

The fees calculated as shown on the app at the time of booking are indicative only. The actual fees will be calculated per the actual distance travelled from pick up to the drop off. These fees may differ due to several reasons:

  • When the pick up and/or drop off locations requested through the app are changed;
  • When loading and unloading takes longer. Customer will be charged a waiting fee if the loading/waiting time exceeds the allowed limits
  • When the customer instructs the driver to take a different route other than the one proposed in the app which was the basis for fare calculation;
18. Are the SHAHN Fees inclusive of Toll, Parking, and Other Fees (if any)?
  • Toll Fees. Included if App proposes toll-enabled routes.
  • Parking and Other Charges. To be paid by the Customer directly to the driver upon presentation of receipt.
19. Can I entrust my goods/materials/belongings with SHAHN?

At SHAHN, we ensure that all our Driver/Partners and Helpers are trained properly and go through a proper background and verification process. SHAHN app also allows you to track the real-time location of the vehicle transporting your goods providing you further assurance. We encourage you to refer to our T&Cs and Privacy Policy for details on our liabilities.

20. What is SHAHN’s service guarantee?

SHAHN assures its customers reliability of its services by providing safe transport of the goods through well-trained and trustworthy partners. SHAHN, however, does not provide service guarantee/s given the unpredictable nature of traffic and road conditions which are key factors contributing to the quality of the service/s that we provide. We encourage you to refer to our T&Cs and Privacy Policy for details on our liabilities.

21. Can I track the vehicle while in transit?

Yes. You can track the location of the vehicle through the App. The app features push notifications as long as the app notifications are enabled on your mobile.

22. Can the drop off location be changed after confirming the booking and after the Partner Driver arrives at the pickup location? Do I need to update the information in the App?

Once a booking is confirmed, the locations set may not be changed. In this case, a new booking must be placed.

23. Can I place one single booking for more than one (1) destination in one go or should I make separate booking requests?

SHAHN app allows UP TO 4 destinations stops per booking request. Customers need to make separate bookings for requirements in excess of four (4) destinations. However, please note that the customer:

  • Must indicate clear instructions for each destination/stop mentioned in your request (to pick up or to drop goods/materials);
  • Coordinate instructions with respective receiver at each destination/stop to avoid delays.
24. Should I opt for SHAHN’s online facility when I can just look for truckers within my neighborhood and through referrals?

SHAHN is your best option for your moving requirements; here’s why:

  • All our drivers and helpers are verified and trained;
  • Customers do not need to negotiate rates with the drivers; the app provides estimated/indicative fees upfront before you confirm the booking
  • You can track the location of your goods while in transit;
  • SHAHN booking facility is available 24/7 for all your future requirements
  • Flexible payment options
25. Is there anything that SHAHN cannot transport?

SHAHN does not transport passengers, arms and ammunition, pets, chemicals, unsecured flammable objects and/or any other items which are illegal and which could endanger the safety and well-being of our driver-partners.

26. Can I get an invoice after the trip?

SHAHN sends invoice to the customer’s registered email address after each successful transaction.